What are we doing?

Good Vibrations has been a sex positive, education-based sexuality resource for thirty-six years.  The Good Vibrations Quickie Erotic Film Competition offers an alternate forum for a broader exploration of “erotic cinema” beyond mainstream media.  Independent filmmakers from around the world weigh in with their entertaining and provocative short pieces, challenging and celebrating sex as we may or may not know it.

Festival History

Debuting in 2006 as the Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Competition at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre, the competition became a full fledged Film Festival in 2008 with nationwide and International entries rounding out the winning entries. San Francisco’s favorite drag queen and filmmaker Peaches Christ, hostess of San Francisco’s legendary Midnight Mass, joined the Festival as Emcee, sharing the stage with Carol Queen, PhD., sex educator, author, activist and Good Vibrations Chief Cultural Officer.

In 2009, we took the best of our previous Festival’s submissions on the road in the “Second Coming Tour” with stops in Kona and Hilo, Hawai`i; Austin, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Madison, Wisconsin; Cleveland, Ohio; Provincetown and Boston, Massachusetts. It was an exciting tour and particularly interesting to see how different regions reacted differently to the films.  However they experienced it, every audience was grateful that we had come, and we were encouraged to return.  We were happy to share this erotic art form with a large variety of people and remind them how broad human sexuality can be.

Who Submits

Independent film makers of all kinds. Most of the submissions are from aspiring professionals and art students, but we have had selections from sex workers, animators and just friends and neighbors having fun with their handycam.

What Is Erotic, Anyway?

You tell us!  The term is as broad as the number of people considering it, so whether it’s an arty narrative, stand-up comedy, soft lovemaking, or hard core fucking, if it turns you on, it’s erotic. Our 2008 winner was a non-explicit comic piece demonstrating how much a San Franciscan truly loves his city.  So take it in any direction you desire.  Have fun and make sure everyone involved is over 18 years of age (forms required!).

Prize Money

Our 2013 Grand Prize Winner will receive $1,500. The winner will be selected at the end of the Festival screening by audience members though an unscientific method of the clap-o-meter.  All chosen entrants will receive a VIP bag of treats, VIP passes to the pre-party and six tickets for friends and family.

Rules and Release Forms

All entrants must submit all requisite forms along with their film formatted on DVD or thumb drive. For rules and forms, please visit the appropriate links. Films must be SEVEN minutes or less in duration.

Submission Deadline

All entrants must submit their films by September 30, 2013 to Good Vibrations Quickies Short Erotic Film Competition. Films may be submitted by mail or delivered by hand to the Good Vibrations Offices, Attn: C. Lombard, at 1404 Franklin St., Suite 410, CA 94612 or delivered to any Good Vibrations store.

On the Big Screen

The next QUICKIES Erotic Short Film Competition will be held at the Castro Theater in San Francisco on Friday, December 6th, 2013.