Wednesday, September 22nd

8pm screening, Q&A and pizza and beer reception at the Women’s Building, 8pm $10


Award-winning, ground-breaking filmmakers Shar and Jackie will present their retrospective clip show of lesbian porn along with hot, funny stories of what it was like to be maverick female filmmakers making lesbian porn by and for lesbians.  Join them for a hot, fun, historical presentation and enjoy complimentary pizza and beer from our delicious sponsors!


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SIR Productions

Jackie Strano and Shar Rednour met in 1993 at Club Cream, the women’s sex party hosted by Carol Queen at the Eros club in San Francisco. Besides falling madly in love, they also saw that they had common professional goals, social justice visions, and erotic sensibilities. They are sex educators, hardcore feminists, performers, activists, and entrepreneurs. They started SIR Video Productions in 1999 as a professional vehicle to help entertain and enlighten the world around sexual health and sexual happiness. They brought the cult phenomenon Bend Over Boyfriend and award-winning fierce dyke porn to the masses.


Their mission is simple: “We want to change the way people fuck.”

Shar and Jackie and their production company, SIR Video has been featured in HBO’s documentary series on the mainstream porn industry, “Pornocopia: Down in the Valley” featuring Jackie and Shar and SIR Video as THE alternative to mainstream adult entertainment highlighting their feminist vision and showcasing what it looks like when women make movies for women especially when real dykes make porn featuring real dykes.

They are featured on SF’s KRON TV’s documentary, “The History of Sex in San Francisco,” UK’s Channel Four’s documentary, “The Truth About Lesbian Sex,” (broadcast in UK and throughout Europe, as well as broadcast on CityTV in Canada and abroad). NYC based Dyke TV (cable), HBO’s Real Sex, and Canada’s PrideVision TV, Canada’s CityTV and HERE TV Lesbian Sex documentary series.

SIR Video’s movies challenge the standard of adult industry norms including in their movies: butches or masculine identified women, women of color, and natural bodies that are not a size 2. SIR’s movies do not show ultra unreal femininity achievable only through surgeries but rather puts fierce Femme gender in your face and it’s not your typical ’girl on girl’ action by any means.Their movies are known for their screen scorching chemistry, loads of off the charts dirty talk, hot power and role play, intense real orgasms including g-spot orgasms, and real couples who show what hot sex and dyke desire looks like….

Voted Best of the Bay 2001

The Best Advertisement for San Francisco:

“Crafted with care and a sense of fun, their movies reflect the sex positive, fun-loving sensibilities of the city. These films serve as delicious video postcards for our town!”

SF Bay Guardian

AVN AWARD (Porn Oscar)

Won 2001 Best All-Girl Feature (first and only time an independent 100% dyke owned company and production has ever won main feature category award)

Hard Love & How to Fuck In High Heels

AVN Nominations

Sugar High Glitter City (Best Soundtrack- lost to Snoop Dogg) 2001

Sugar High Glitter City (Best 3 way) 2001

Sugar High Glitter City (Best Girl on Girl Scene) 2001

Bend Over Boyfriend (Best Specialty) 1998


Awarded by Scarlet Harlot and Annie Sprinkle

“Two brainy ballsy broads formed S.I.R. Video- they ought to be recognized for breaking new ground”

Tristan Taormino Village Voice

“SIR Video has created fierce, realistic, playful, and downright glamorous sex-education and erotica movies”

Michelle Tea for Bay Guardian AVN win cover story

“SIR Video makes lesbian sex films that celebrate the true face of dykery”

“…sexy funny and real all at once; dyke porn that’s as real as my bedroom. [They] kick righteous ass…not only will they turn you on, they’ll actually leave you full of joy, good humor and feeling downright divafied. Sister, beware!”

Scarlett Letters

“…from edu-porn to drama…all with fabulous costumes and ultraenthusiastic, orgasmic sex that is genuinely queer and very fun.”

Pride National Mag 2002

“It’s companies like S.I.R. Video (which stands for Sex, Indulgence and Rock and Roll) that make me happy to be part of the ‘sex community.’”