The Golden Years of Porn with Susie Bright

Saturday, September 17th 8pm, $12

Best selling author and sex-positive feminist Susie Bright presents her legendary X-Rated porn retrospective featuring now-unobtainable scenes of queer, straight, romantic and educational porn that challenges and celebrates sex in American cinema.  The first serious erotic film industry critic, Susie will bring us through the annals of porn history and illustrate how outspoken women and erotic outliers transformed and revolutionized both Hollywood and porn.  Prepare to be amused, aroused, entertained and educated at this one-of-a-kind event!

Victoria Theatre
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-7576

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Clips include now-unobtainable scenes from Veronika Rocket’s  Smoker, Old Reliable’s I, Rick; Bill Higgins’ Big Guns, Fatale’s BurLEZk and legendary G-spot ejaculation in CLIPS, the film based on the best-selling sex book ever published,  How to Enlarge Your Penis, Ron Sullivan’s Sexcapades, Irving Klaw’s bondage classics, the late Christopher Rage’s My Masters and Richard Mahler’s Midnight Heat, Rodney Werdon’s explosive oral sex histories, Vanessa Del Rio’s gang-bang choreography, plus the advent of  machine-gun bimbos.

A progenitor of the sex-positive feminist movement, Bright was the first serious erotic film industry critic, in a world where no film was critiqued or investigated beyond a “Peter Meter.”  She began writing and reporting for Penthouse Forum in early 1980s, turning the field upside down with her industry criticism and legendary road-shows, “How to Read a Dirty Movie” and “All Girl Action.”  She is the author of the national bestsellers Full Exposure and The Sexual State of the Union, as well as The Best American Erotica and Herotica series, and most recently her memoir, Big Sex Little Death.

Dubbed the “Pauline Kael of Pornography” by the SF Chronicle, and voted into the XRCO’s Hall of Fame(2002), Bright taught the first university course on sexual representation in 1986, and brought lasting sexual influence to her acting/writing roles in films like Bound and The Celluloid Closet, as well as playing herself, “the famous feminist sex writer,” on Six Feet Under.