We did it! IXFF 09 was a raging success, and thanks to you erotic film is alive and well! We celebrated sexy cinema and sex positivity at nine events in two cities, and can’t wait to do it again next year.  Thanks to our sponsors, filmmakers, and everyone who came out to the festival! Congratulations to Travis Mathews, winner of the Audience Choice Award! Check out our photos and press page to see for yourself.


“It’s arty, edgy, funny, sexy, and more!”
– Sister Dana Van Iquity, SF Bay Times

“Despite the sinking sensation that our beloved Gomorrah by the Bay seems to be slowly but surely replacing sexual openness with culinary whimsy as its dominant subcultural draw (though the two have been known to make occasional bedfellows), the squirrelly spirit of independent erotica remains as bushy-tailed as ever. Eschewing mainstream productions of quotidian eroticism in favor of a more populist prurience, the Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival puts the spotlight on sexy films made by the people in your neighborhood.”
– Evan James, SF Weekly

“September 17’s competition at the Castro Theatre brought out the best, brightest, and naked-est in a series of shorts that will hopefully help to redefine the future of the genre. For those of us tired of the overproduced crap that usually passes for pornography, the screening was a breath of kinky fresh air.”
– Louis Peitzman, SexSF Blog, SF Bay Guardian

“Being part of this festival is really an honor. It is without a doubt the most important independent erotic film festival in the world.”
– Éric Falardeau, IXFF filmmaker

“Erotica is too often reduced to a couple of familiar tropes pushing all-too familiar buttons. What makes GV-IXFF special is its inclusion of a diverse set of movies, voices, sexualities that all belong under that wide banner of erotica. There’s a real sense of inclusion and experimentation with the festival that I haven’t encountered elsewhere. Keep it rolling Good Vibes!”
-Travis Mathews, IXFF filmmaker

“The hottest platform for new “degenerate” art in SF.”
-Nara Denning, IXFF filmmaker

Want more? Download the 2009 IXFF Press PDF.